What Does It Cost To Hire Busta-Groove!?

– There are a few variables such as date, location, number of guests, and the type of event that effect the price for any band. For an accurate quote, we suggest you contact us via phone at (408) 981-6451. Because each event is unique we do not give price quotes via email so call us today! We consider our rates very competitive and reasonably priced and we make every effort to work within your budget. For a fundraiser, we would be happy to discuss reducing our normal rate to help you reach your financial goals for your event.

Can Busta-Groove! Send Me A Demo Tape/CD?

– No, not anymore. However, there are two ways to see what the band can do. Number 1, To truly experience who Busta-Groove! is, you must come and see us live. In a studio, especially in today’s world, many music flaws are covered by the magic of technology. You also want to see what the band actually looks like on stage and what you can expect to see when you hire us. We take pride in ourselves and our talent. Let us show you, live, how we can make your party the best event of the year! Number 2, If you can’t make it to one of our live performances we have posted recent live videos and current MP3’s on our audio/video page located here. Lastly, please call or email us and we can answer any question or concern you may have.

What Do I Get When I Hire Busta-Groove!?

– You get the full band, a stage lighting system to transform your party into the hottest event in town, a full sound system and an M.C. to assist you with your event. You will also have access to our wireless microphones for speechs/toasts. We also keep the party going with recorded music during breaks when the band is not performing.

Is Busta-Groove! Adaptable And Easy To work With?

– The band is adaptable and flexible and they like to work with you to customize the best show for your special event. If you’ve got some creative requests, be sure to ask us. We enjoy new challenges. Can we bring in dancers? Yes, how many do you need? . Do you need an extra sound system and/or solo piano for the wedding ceremony? Yes, we can do it! How about jazz instrumental music for dinner or cocktail hour? Yes, we can! Let us know what we can do to make your event memorable.

What Kind Of Attire Does Busta-Groove! Wear?

– The band is adaptable and has a number of costume options available, from black suits w/ties for the guys & gowns for the gals to something fun, funky and appropriate for your event. You can also have a combination of formal and funky looks through out the evening so let us know what your thinking, and we’ll brainstorm up the right look for your event.

What Do I Need For Busta-Groove! To Perform?

– All Busta-Groove! needs to get the party started is a medium sized area (stage is prefered), easily accessible electrical power for our equipment and people who are ready to get their groove on!

Does Busta-Groove! perform at outdoor events?

– Yes, In case of rain or direct sunlight, please be aware that the band needs to be fully covered. If any portion of the event is outdoors, we require some form of covering, umbrella, tarp, awning, tent, etc. These do not need to be set up but should be nearby and available. Unfortunately, trees do not provide adequate protection.

How Far In Advance Is Busta-Groove! Scheduled?

– Busta-Groove! performs almost every weekend and sometimes during the week. Shows are often scheduled as far out as 8 -12 months in advance. The best suggestion we have is to call us at (408) 981-6451 or email us to find out if we are available for your event.

Does Busta-Groove! Play Requests?

– Thinking of a special song for your first dance? Busta-Groove! has played a variety of requested songs over the many years we have been together. Please take a look at our complete song list to see if your song is there. The band can learn songs that are not on their song list, but this must be discussed with us prior to the agreement and with ample time, we can learn most song requests. If for some reason we cannot accommodate your special requests, we can have the song played on CD/IPod before or in between sets from the band via crew members.

To check our availability and for more information please contact:

Jeff Lyons (408) 981-6451
Email: Jeff@Busta-Groove.com

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