Busta-Groove! Agents, Press and Entertainment Vendor Page

Hello and thank you for your continued support for Busta-Groove!, Northern California’s Hottest Dance Party Band!!

Below, you will find links to a variety of Busta-Groove! collateral that will enable you to present Busta-Groove! to your potential clients.

If you have any questions regarding the files available for download, please contact us by clicking here or call Jeff at (408) 981-6451.

Thank you as always,

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Hi-Res Logo with Website (.png)


Busta-Groove! Complete Song List

B-G Hi-Res Formal.PNG Format

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Technical Riders & Stage Plots


Hospitality Rider


Backline Rider


Tech Rider Band Sound


Tech Rider Client Sound


7p Band Stage Plot w/Input List No In-Ear Monitors


7p Band Stage Plot  w/Input List In-Ear Monitors


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