Busta-Groove! Agents, Press and Entertainment Vendor Page

Hello and thank you for your continued support for Busta-Groove!, Northern California’s Hottest Dance Party Band!!

Below, you will find links to a variety of Busta-Groove! collateral that will enable you to present Busta-Groove! to your potential clients or for your event promotion.

If you have any questions regarding the files available for download, please contact us by clicking here or call Jeff at (408) 981-6451.

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Busta-Groove! Complete Song List

B-G Hi-Res Formal.PNG Format

B-G Hi-Res Club.PNG Format


Technical Riders & Stage Plots

Hospitality Rider

Backline Rider


Tech Rider Band Sound

Tech Rider Client Sound


7p Band Stage Plot w/Input List No In-Ear Monitors

7p Band Stage Plot  w/Input List In-Ear Monitors

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